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Trung Nguyen's blog on software development and other random stuff.

Hello World!

· One min read
Trung Nguyen
Software Developer

So, recently I have been doing quite a lot of esoteric stuff, uncovering quite a few internal details of Windows and other software.

Weird as these things may seem, they may be invaluable for those intending to embark on a low-level programming adventure.

Because of this, and following the relative success of my ".NET Developer Platform" series on the Haiku OS website, I decided to start a personal blog. The first few posts will mostly be about lxmonika - a framework for porting other OS kernels to Windows, but I will, of course, write about other general tips and hacks whenever I encounter them.

This blog will be multilingual, featuring:

  • English (as in most other online publications),
  • Vietnamese (don't wanna widen the gap between quality English and Vietnamese materials),
  • and Japanese (I'm still practicing though, so Japanese translations might be way behind).

Thanks for visiting my site, and happy coding!